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I am Bente Marcussen. I have a big place in South Norway, with ocean view and 8 minutes walk down to the beach and the boat. I invite people to come for visits, co creation and workshops.

As close friends, aiming at living from the heart, we create the Free Birds Family. I believe freedom is our natural state, our birthright. Our conditioning may not be of freedom, so we have to find our way back to it. As the baby bird jumps out of his nest for the first time, we can “jump”, in order to experience more of our potentials. I would love to have the great overview like the birds. We can inspire each other on new adventurous journeys.

I am still on my journey from the HEAD to the HEART, and I invite you to join me. I believe in sharing and cocreation. Everything we do together is so much more fun than doing it alone (cooking, eating, gardening, hiking, boating, singing etc)

Before I used to teach in high school. Now, my main subject is the art of living. I love heart sharing, playing, singing, drumming and painting


Yoga, Liberating Breathing, Liberating Dancing, Massage, Drumming and Singing.

These tools improve our body awareness and help us living in the moment. Thus stress and sickness can be prevented from building up. With close connection to Mother Earth, we benefit from the elements and the beauty and peace of the nature.


1. Yoga
is a way of self realization. The world “Yoga” means Union. In Hatha-Yoga, the old original form, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual get united. Through physical postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama), you get :

- a soft, flexible and strong body

- a balanced and relaxed mind and nervous system

- better concentration and body awareness

- improved breathing

2. Liberating Breathing
is a useful tool to be aware of your emotional part. The way you breathe, point to how you are doing. Feel for yourself, how you breathe, when you are stressed, angry, happy or relaxed. Superficial, irregular breathing is due to a high stress level. Through liberating breathing, you will get aware of your breath pattern. This breath work can release blockages from your energy system, and release emotional tensions (suppressed feelings) We do not control the breath. We let the breath take over by surrendering to the breathing, and trust the wisdom of the body, not being controlled by the mind. This kind of deep, natural breathing help you to get in touch with your core qualities : peace, joy and love.

3. Liberating Dance

help you to land fully in your body, all the way down to your feet. With closed eyes you explore within, and let the rhythm move your body. Then you meet others, on the heart level (eye-gazing) You can get in touch with your playful, inner child. You share your joy and playfulness. If less pleasant feelings turn up, they will pass, just by being recognized and shared. You embrace whatever feeling showing up, and share it, without words.


4. Massage gives

- a deep relaxation

- pain release

- stress reduction

- a feeling of well being.

The whole system gets vitalized.

Bente teaches relaxation massage in groups. She shows how to massage from the heart, with compassion, listening to the body of the receiver. This is an INTUTIVE massage, rather than following a pattern. By tuning in to each individual, the massage will differ from person to person.

Bente also gives TANTRA-massage.

If you bring a partner or friend, you can continue enjoying massage at home.

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