Discover Sinai, the Holiday Paradise by the Red Sea.  In November or in February
Try a different desert safari.


We live in bamboo huts at the beach of the Red sea. We experience the silence of the desert, hiking in the mountains with the beduins, and riding camels in the valleys?

If you come for 2 weeks, you will learn the yogaprogramme well enough to practice at home. We will travel in the mountains for four days. We will visit Mount Sinai. You will enjoy good food cooked in the fire, and sleep in «thousand star hotels» under the open sky. If you have only 1 week available, you can join us for the first week.

We get enriched by the wisdom of the beduin culture.

Welcome to :


• Discover the Beduin land: the world of colorful fish, corals, and the mountains

• Discover your inner world. The journey of Self discovery happens by itself, without any effort, in the joyful, loving atmosphere we create together.

• Take a swim before the yoga in the morning before breakfast.

• Enjoy the peace of the place, and the good food.

• Enjoy swimming and snorkelling, the wind and the sun

• Enjoy the pleasant company of the friendly Beduin and Sudanese population.

This journey is different from any of your former hotel holidays,
and full of new experiences.

When we enter the Mount Sinai, we might meet Moses bringing us some new Commandments, more in tune with the level of consciousness we have reached since he was here last time!

Do not miss this opportunity in a dark and cold season. This journey will help you release stress, and thus open to more of your true Self.

Love, Joy (call it God, Heaven, Truth...) is nothing you need to search for outside. If you find it outside, you can easily lose it again. Finding it inside, will make you a Free Bird, bringing the freedom, love, and joy up from your Source. Then you are at home in your Self everywhere in the world.


Home is where your heart is. Come fly with me!

By learning yoga, you will be able to live your daily life in a state of calmness and peace., not matter how busy your days will be. Then you can enjoy what you do, and celebrate all the happy moments of life. Even if you carry heavy burdens, it is never too late to let go of them. It is never to late to have a happy childhood, a joyful everyday life, and a bright future. It all happens in THIS MOMENT!

You will avoid burning out and even " burning in" ( not acting out what you really want ) by learning to listen to your heart, and to do what makes your heart sing,

      Be aware, be awake, and act according to your dreams, and you will contribute to making the people around you happy. Just as you are attracted by the beauty of life and by happy people, other people are attracted by your beauty, your love and joy. It is all there in your own Inner Self. Maybe it needs to be rediscovered because you forgot that joy and love are your natural state.

Nature is magic in Sinai. The elements are very present : the wind, the sun, the fire, the water, and the earth. Because there is no electricity, we enjoy a romantic atmosphere with candle light, the stars, and the moon.
Together we create a beautiful atmosphere in the group. We share new experiences. We share our thoughts and feelings, and support each other in our process of growth. As a Sinai family we help each other:
• to see the possibilites rather the the hindrances.
• to understand that real happiness comes from inside.
• To celebrate every moment of life.

Compassion develops and opens for the feeling of oneness and joy in the many happy moments. This is real peace work. History has shown that the struggles to change the world have never succeeded. I believe that peace cannot happen between people who do not have inner peace. But peace and love are always here in our very core. Life is here to be enjoyed ! In Sinai it is very easy to inspire each other to find this inner joy. This is the place to start, by walking barefoot in the sand, and dancing under the bright stars.

Bente Marcussen
has been taking groups to Sinai for 12 years, being both tour guide and teacher. She believes that teaching and learning is a process of sharing. We all have the answers within our hearts. We are all welcome to rediscover them in the loving presence of friends.


See the dates for Sinai in WORKSHOPS. Price :Nkr. 12000 for 2 weeks, 6000 for 1 week including stay, 2 meals pr day and 4 days safari with all included. The flight ticket you buy yourself. We fly to Sham-el-Sheikh in Egypt, and then go by taxi about 2 hours to our place, Ras-el-Shatan, by Nuweiba. Visas are cheaper at the airport than in the plane. No vaccinnation is needed. Bring your sleeping bag, towel and bedsheet, summerclothes, sunglasses, suncream, touchlight. Bring some cash in dollars or euros.(It is a bit far to minibank)



For photos that can be seen in big size, see PHOTOGALLERY 3 and 4.

You are warmly welcome!

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