Bente Marcussen


has been working as a teacher in the high school for 15 years. She has studied gestalt therapy, bodywork and yoga. From being mind oriented, she became body oriented. She calls it her journey from the Head to the Heart.


As a bodyworker, she is qualified in Breath work , massage and yoga. Her main focus is group dynamic processes, but she also gives individual consultations.

Bente believes in sharing rather than teaching, because she believes that we all have wisdom to share. Together we create an atmosphere of love and compassion. Her goal is to live from an open heart.

She wants to be ”free as a bird,” so that she can get the big overview and fly out of old limiting patterns and see new possibilities. She loves dancing, drumming, singing and to explore nature : hiking, horse riding, camel riding and swimming.

She lives in the south of Norway, in a small village by the sea. In the summer there are friends gatherings and workshops at her place,

In the winter she arranges YOGA and selfdiscovery holidays in Sinai (since 1995) She has been inspired by the Egyption culture and the Beduin way of life.


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