a way of life for our present time ?


There are many opinions about this special time in history : 1990 -
2012, coming from history and spirituailty.

The word HOLISTIC appears everywhere. I see bridges being built between spiritual and scientific traditions. This is the time for
UNITY and HOLISM - for me two sides of the same coin. All is linked in the universe. Research on non-localized consciousness has found that the consciousness reach far beyond the body. A part of our mind is endless. The quantum-mecanics concludes that all existence in the universe is linked together. We are all a part of a pattern where all the parts are connected. The physician David Bohm speaks about an implisitt order as
a pattern of conscious light-waves.

As I see it, the spesializing can lead to separation. When a tiny part of the whole gets all the attention, the overview can be lost. I think that will change. It has already changed in some parts of modern science.
The biologist Bruce Lipton has found that emotions and belief-systems influence the cells, more than our genes. Our cells are stimulated by signals from our minds. Good health is more likely to happen when our thoughts are positive and love-related and not fear- based. And positive emotions follow the positive thinking.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer and his wife both got canser when their son was shot and died. Hamer saw the link between emotional shocks and disease; and began a research-project which lasted 30 years. He has confirmed that the imbalances following emotional shocks can develop
diseases. He also found that the natural healing process speeds up, the more we become aware of this link, and the less we take cemical medisine. If we trust the natural healing within and solve the emotional conflicts, then all kinds of diseases will heal naturally.

Greg Braden ( scientist and spiritual teacher ) and Little grandmother( American- Indian wisdom-keeper ) claim that a polar shift is about to happen and has already started, and that the magnet-fields of our planet is changing radically .
All big, external changes will influence the human beings on all levels :
- Emotional : People have a lot of ups and downs these days.
- Spiritual : A global awakening as to who we really are as divine
creative forces.
- Biological : our DNA will develop from 2-stings to its full
potentials of 12. Eric Pearl ( reconnective healing ) says he has a 3-string DNA. Some say that our brains will expand and be able to use more of its potentials.
- Political : a very personal observation : I stay in Egypt and I
witness a revolution based on singing and praying; very different from earlier bloody revolutions. All kind of people, with different
religions were united in peaceful ways of claiming freedom. When
Mbarak fell, they started to clean streets and buildings - a wonderful sign of cleansing out the old.

Here in Sinai, in " my " paradise by the Red sea, I meditate and pray for the people every day at 18.00 and link to other meditating friends in Sweden, Holland and Norway. I do this because I believe that we are connected, and the power of love is strong. We are creators. There is actually no other reality than the one that we create. How we think and what we do, makes a difference.

The Mayan calendar stops in 2012. I believe it means a passover from one era to another. If some crises happens, we need not fear. Many claim that we are on our way to a better future.
It is a possibility to grow in the time of crisis. For me CRISIS means chaos and new opportunities I have survived the dark night of my soul, and today I see it as one of my best teachers.

A lot happens in our time; Natures disasters can be looked apon as a kind of cleansing for the mother Earth. And I think it is time for cleaning out some of our old, dysfuctional systems as well . Our economical system is shaking. May be it would be good if it
collapsed, so that we can develop more fair systems of exhange ? So much hunger and suffering is due to the moneysystem where the rich is exploiting the poor.

In the rich countries we have all we need, but many suffer from
depressions, and the suicidal-rate increase. It is a time for waking
up and see that the greedyness-culture was wrong and served nobody - to see that happiness and peace can not be bought.

The media are focusing on the crises of the world , and the most
primitive ego-forces of man, in the daily news. If we look deeper than this surface-profile, we can see the greatness of mankind, the capability to create SPACES OF LOVE, self-sustained, harmonic societies. In those surroundings you find compassionate and caring people.

In every NOW I have the opportunity to choose my perspective. Here in Sinai, I am touched by the hospitality of the local people. Those who have less, give more. Their tradition teach them to share all they have, in solidarity and compassion. An example : I gave a nice winter-jacket to a Sudanese friend. He told me that someone in Cairo
needed it more than him, so he would pass it on. In Norway the
welfare state takes care. That is very good : a basic standard of life for all. But we lost something on the way - less
responsibility-feeling. Many old people are fed by the state, but they are lonely, longing for their families.

What is the best way to encounter the challenges of our time ?
I will say : AWARENESS of how we are thinking and feeling Do we focus on chaos ( pain, danger, death ) or do we focus on what is good in life and new possibilities ? If our cells really react to the signals from our thoughts, then all the bad news will make people see more potential terrorists than loving people
Fear-based thinking holds us back. Love-based thinking activates and attracts the good and beautiful. It can be useful to check our
thoughts. Whatever we get aware of , can be changed.

I use the term Open Heart; It can be interpreted as openheartedness, kindness, tolerance etc. Or as a process of opening the heart. This process has been my way.

I discovered , by bodywork, that I had closed part of my body and
emotions. Then I started traveling from Head to Heart. I was
breathing myself down to the real me. The heavy, suppressed emotions came to the surface, was encountered and accepted. I am still on this journey.
There are many ways. Each and everyone must find the way that is best for them. The opening of the heart takes us to the core of our being, to love, peace and compassion. If fear tries to prevent us, the best way is meeting and accepting it as a part of you, and focus on all the other parts.

Open heart people are radiating an attracting energy. See how animals and children run to them as the bees to the honey !
The love-field is felt by the surroundings (magnetic attraction )
As Open hearts we will attract eachother - join together and create
the life we want to have.

I see the open heart process as a spiritual awareness process. I
believe that this will be the development from 2012 and thereafter. I believe that people will join in co-creation-projects where they live to their fullest potentials to the best for the whole community. Human beings and animals will then live in harmony with eachother and the nature .

I think that the humanity is about to take a new evolutionary step.
In the West we have developed from the tribal WE-culture ( where all were linked , but with no room for individuality) to our modern time with strong individuals, ( with too strong egos, loosing the one-ness ) And our next evolutionary step is to develop more intuition, and to be living from the heart. Then the minds will serve the HEARTS, and the time of We and the time of I will be integrated ( this was said100 years ago by Rudolf Steiner)
And this is what I see as our future. I am so happy to be living in this time !

I arrange Open heart workshops in pure, untouched nature : in my
beautiful place by the sea in South Norway in the spring and summer, and in SINAI every winter.( from Nov.) In the last 3 years Axel von Malmborg from Sweden has joined me, contributing with his wonderful songs and heart-dance. We experince that being together 14 days ,living so close to the elements, is a very good way for heart-opening
to happen. Stress and worries are cleaned out by the wind, sun and the salt sea. We live in simple huts at the beach of the Red sea. The colorful fish and coral-reefs are amazing. The 4,5 days
desert-adventure, with camel-riding and hiking, the food cooked in the fire and sleeping under the stars, takes us back to the natural,
simple life. I believe that our souls are longing for that kind of
life. The silence of the desert mountains is soul-medisine. Our minds need a rest from all inputs from the modern world.

An efficient way to be more connected to your heart and to calm your mind, is to spend time in nature, and preferably more than a day or three. Without telephone, PC, TV and newspapers. Many people in the West never do that. Even the holidays are filled with maintenance work ( house, hut, boat….)


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