My place in Gjeving, in the south of Norway, is called the Top, because it is situated on a small mountain with ocean view. Close by are forests, beaches, lakes, cliffs, caves and islands.

I love to cocreate and share my place with friends and likeminded visitors. I believe that the humans are herd ”animals,” meant to live together in healthy, happy communities. I believe in an Open Heart way of life. In the process of opening our hearts and minds, we can inspire each others. By sharing we can help each other to live authentic and honest. For me wisdom (life experience, maturity) is more important than just knowledge.

People visiting the Top are not my guets. They live as they do at home, taking responsibility for the house, meals and activities. I invite people to join me in Yoga at the beach, to boattrips and to campfires at night, in the summer.

I am down to earth, and really enjoy a simple life in close contact with soil, water, air, and fire. I love foreign cultures, especially the indigenous ways of living. In the winter, I do as the migratory birds and go south, usually to Sinai, by the Red sea. I like living in a simple hut at the beach.

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