1. If you want to spesialze in YOGA, may be take a yoga-teacher-training with a real yogi, and very good yoga-teacher from India, contact Saji, who works in Scandinavia every summer, and in India in the winter. phone 0091 9895981870 email : vasishta_yoga@yahoo.co.in
See website : www.vasishtayoga.org

2. See the website of my good friend and wonderful musisian, Axel von Malmborg
Axel and I start working together, arranging spesial holidaysto Sinai
and to Peru in 2010 See www.lovescapetravel.com

3. If you want to experiece SATSANGS with Florian Tathagata, an awaken teacher, from Germany, humble and full of love, see www.tathagata.de Satsang means Gathering in truth . Floran gently leads us back to the truth, that dwells in your own heart

4. Read about the New Spirituality. Here you read about the 8 CONVERSATION WITH GOD-books, the Humanity -team. And you can register,and get News-letters sent to you.
see www.newspirituality.org

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