Massage gives:
• happiness, enjoyment
• a relaxed body
• mental stability and inner peace
• trust and loving communication
• pain-release and stress-reduction
Researchers at Touch Research Institute in Miami have proved these effects of massage.
They found that, by daily massage:
• premature babies gained weight more easily
• more efficient and faster healing of sick people
• reduction of emotional pain
• pain-release in physical body
• stable and calm breath-rhythm
• general wellbeing
• stress reduction: less stress hormones and more antistress hormones in the body.

Massage in kindergardens and schools,
gives better concentration. The children play and communicate more peacefully. Massage gives relaxation and joy. The children develop more empathy, and manage to learn more easily and better. Violent ways of playing is reduced. Aggressive children calm down, and the quiet, shy children benefit from giving and receiving without words.

Bente Marcussen has developed her own kind of massage, a mix between classical massage, aroma-therapy, shiatsu,
psychic massage and tansu ( a mix of tantra and shiatsu )

She teaches massage in groups. Couples and good friends can benefit from learning massaging, thus practicing at home after the workshop.

Bente sees massage as a beautiful way of communication, a silent wordless, loving form of dialogue.
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