Stress management
What is stress?
The whole system is speeding up.

• You are tense, anxious, tired, and perhaps feeling    sad.
• You may sleep a lot, or have problems falling asleep.
• Your heart beat, blood pressure, and breath rate    increase.
• The digestive system gets out of balance:    constipation, stomach pain, loss of appetite or    overeating.
• The hormone system gets out of balance.

Accumulation of stress may, over time, develop into illnesses, physical or psychological.

Reasons for stress

Our modern society is stressful, with its high tempo and time limits in daily work life. There are cities full of noise and pollution. Even small children are stressed, taking in the stress from their surroundings

Emotional stress slowly builds up when you are not satisfied with your life, when you live according to other people's expectations, instead of being and doing what you wish for yourself.

When emotional stress develops, sooner or later it will go into your physical body. You can get muscle pain in the neck, head, back, etc., as well as in your inner organs.

How to manage stress?

As you live more in harmony with yourself, then naturally the effects of stress are lessened. A person who is in inner balance (body, mind, and soul) is more resilient to stress from outside. Hence the key to stress management lies in finding the way back to your inner peace and balance. When you are centered in you inner peace, you can remain calm, even when it is storming outside
Bente Marcussen teaches several paths to this Place Within: Relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, hatha yoga, liberating dance, massage, etc. In a small group setting individuals inspire and learn from one another.

Through techniques of increasing body awareness, you experience thoughts and emotions in a new way. This new awareness allows you be consciously present to any sign of stress. Through the techniques you learn, you can prevent stress from building up in your system. Thus you can prevent illness and stay healthy. The best tool for staying healthy is to get in touch with, and to live from your inner joy and love.

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