Yoga is a complete science of life.
The origin of yoga, goes thousands of years back in history. Yoga has been practiced in many great cultures in the East, the Middle East (Sufis) and the old Nordic and native American tribes.

One of the old yoga sages, Patanjali describes 8 limbs of yoga :
• Yamas : Non- violence, truthfulness and non- possessiveness
• Niyamas : contentment, willpower and surrender to cosmic will
• Asanas : bodypostures leading to meditation
• Pranayama : create a regular and harmonious energy flow by breathing exercises
The last 3 limbs are about concentration and meditation leading to the final aim : Samadhi : the state beyond mind and ego, the state of bliss and unconditional love.

HATHA YOGA : is the original form of yoga. Hatha means the union of pranic (sun) energy and mental (moon) energy. The aim of hatha yoga is self- realization leading to an awakened awareness (Samadhi) On the practical level, yoga gives us a total well being.

• The ancient yogis saw the physical body as a vehicle with the mind as the driver, the soul as the true identity and action, emotion and intelligence as the 3 forces that pull the vehicle.
According to yoga philosophy, we consist of 5 bodies. The physical body, the pranic body (the vital energy) the mental/emotional body, the wisdom body and the bliss body. All these five bodies are inter- related. If there is stress in the mind/emotional body, physical pain will appear.
Bente has the focus on all the bodies, in her workshops. She includes liberating breathing and other body work tools. She witnesses that physical pain disappears when suppressed feelings are released. In her approach, she doesn’t attend only the symptoms, but goes beyond, to deeper levels. Not by mental analyzing, but by body awareness.

Our modern society is stressful. Stress activates the heart, the breath rate, the nervous system and the hormone production. Then illness can be the result. We can prevent stress from building up, and illness developing. The best anti – stress – tool is a flexible, strong body and a balanced peaceful mind. Bodyawareness is essential, in order to notice the signs given to us by the body. Yoga, is a good way to stay aware. The more we live with awareness, the more fully we live. With awareness we can awaken our deepest potentials, like true love, joy, freedom and peace. Living as love and joy, makes it meaningless to go on hunting for it outside. All that we ever wanted, is very close at hand, and we can inspire each other to rediscover it.
WELCOME to yoga, welcome to the free birds home, to meeting truth within and in others.Sometimes Bente has summer programme with Saji, her friend and yoga teacher, from India . See workshops.
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